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 FOVE is a young, up and coming ensemble based in Japan, formed by cutting-edge classical musicians.

 The formation of the ensemble varies from its fourteen core members, to as large as an orchestra just shy of fifty members, depending on the project. 

 FOVE was officially established in 2016, following a number of one-off projects started in 2014 under the initiative of composer Yuta Bandoh. With its principles of experimentation and practice of boundary-expanding new art, the ensemble aims to deliver new auditory experiences. 

 In April 2018, FOVE held their first original project “SONAR-FIELD” at SHIBUHARA HOUSE. Their creation, using the entirety of the SHIBUHARA HOUSE building, of a brand-new musical experience unlike that of a concert or an installation caused a sensation, and it was performed for a second time in March 2019. 

 Their second project “TRANS” held in November 2018 in conjunction with the Kyoto Art Center, created a stunning effect through the pairing of live performance by FOVE members, and 3D audio which encapsulated the audience 360 degrees. 


 In addition to original projects, the ensemble also actively participates in many projects across different genres, recent examples being their participation in the records “Spirits of the Sea” and “Uma to Shika”(2019) by Kenshi Yonezu, participation in the music for Japanese horror movie “KURU”(2018) and Japanese animation “Yuri on ICE”, and their performance in “Yuri on CONCERT”(2016-). 


 With violinist Ami Oike as soloist, Ensemble FOVE releases their first-ever CD “Zingaro” in the Autumn of 2019 from their independent label FOVE RECORDS.


Yuta Bandoh                 

Jun-Ichiro Taku             

Kanami Araki               

Hidetaka Nakagawa    

Kohei Ueno                 

Kazumasa Ohya      

Kiana Reid                    

Ami Oike                     

Nao Tohara                 

Tadashi Machida         

Mari Adachi                 

Yukinori Kobatake        

Yû Jidaisho                 

Kazuki Shinozaki         

​Kazuya Miyashita         

​Ryo Maekubo              

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photo:Yoshikazu Inoue, Nozomi Teranishi

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